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Erica on Roy

Back in the kaleidoscopic Lluna New York East Village years, I would spend many an evening out at NY gallery openings viewing a lot of good, bad, and pretentious art. 

At one such downtown occasion, my girlfriend and I ran into photo journalist Bob Adelman. Escaping together from the tedious  and pretentious exhibit of "Collaged Gerbils in Jelly," we all went out to eat.

In conversation Bob mentioned he had a friend who would like me for I had "etched features," and that was how my blind date with the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein was set up.

From that blind date began a love affair. Roy liked crying, emotive, dramatic girls, like the ones in his paintings: a role I fulfilled

Roy was a complex person: witty, playful, adolescent, sweet, polite, and self-deprecating, as well as being simultaneously haughty, spoiled, emotionally reticent, highly disciplined and surreptitious. This contradictory mix, I believe, fed his work's unique artisitic pop voice.

Sympathetic to my own artistic aspirations, he funded my self-released dance record "Shameless", being credited as executive producer. Mutually supportive, I in return suggested he paint nudes after he'd exhausted his 'interiors' series - inspiring a new kind of Lichtenstein girl.

In the Roy Lichtenstein gallery you'll find some colourful mementos from that relationship, all displaying his sense of wit whimsy and irony. Characteristics that are so much a part of his work.